Asset & Facility; *Engineering *Constrution *Goematics *Maintenance *Integrity Management *Revamping *Upgrading & Consultancy *Oil & Gas Pipeline Refinery Services.

Our Company

RoyalTrail Area of Field And Registration:

  • Onshore/Offshore pipeline /storage maintenance service: Insulation, oil internal corrosion monitoring, cathodic protection, corrosion prevention and control services.
  • Offshore Pipeline services : laying of oil and gas pipeline
  • Construction and fabrication services: metal fabrication.
  • Calibration services of petroleum storage: oil tank, calibration services/testing/certification, Oil and gas measurement relief/pressure safety valves certification.
  • Manpower supply services: manpower supply and project services.
  • Pipeline and storage maintenance services: pipeline production facility maintenance/facility upgrade.
  • Pipeline/production support services: pipeline and production facility maintenance, pipeline pigging and inspection, non-destructive testing (NDT).
  • Consultancy services: Nigerian man-power supply
  • Geometrics: geotechnical and geophysical survey, engineering survey,
  • engineering survey and mapping services

    We also carry out procurement services, installation, inspection of production/process facilities, construction, maintenance and support services in the oil/gas, petrochemicals and chemical industries. The challenges posted by oil and gas climate of the contry propelled the management of RSSL to expand her operational horizon, entering into partnership with campanies within and outside the counrt to meet the expectation of clients.

    1. Production monitoring and testing, workshop activities
    2. Facility upgrade/installation, maintenance
    3. Corrosion control and prevention (blast and painting inclusive)
    4. Insulation, cladding, fire retardant coatings
    5. Tank cleaning
    6. Engineering and industrial machines/spares, valves & pumps supply
    7. Supply of industrial/chemical products

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    Why Us

    • We are professionals
    • We take safety first
    • At RoyalTrail we do not trade standard for anything
    • We ensure timely delivery of projects
    • We are well equipped with the latest work tool and machines

    Our Community Service

    We at RoyalTrail ensure that returning back to the community where we work is prime and taken seriously. We undergo project for the communities like:

    • Provision of clean water
    • Building of modern and standard schools
    • Rural electrification through renewable energy, etc.