Mission, Vision and Core Values - A definition to who we are!

Our Company


Our mission is to provide high quality equipment and tools so as to be a leader in providing competitive and qualitative services in delivering of best in class & cost effective solutions to our clients on *Asset & Facility *Engineering *Constrution *Goematics *Maintenance *Integrity Management *Revamping *Upgrading & Consultancy *Oil & Gas Pipeline Refinery Services, operation through customer contact and excellent relationships while adding value to our community by maintaining.


To be a world-class leading company in delivering value to organizaion in providing solutions and managing exploration inspection on oil and gas Refinery Companies.



At ROYALTRAIL, we strive to create a working environment where accidents are unlikely to occur, and we never compromise the health and safety of employees, contractors and the public. At ROYALTRAIL safety always comes first.


Leadership is key in our company in order to make our vision come true. That is why we ensure we build a leadership centered learning environment, whereby the management work side-by-side the workforce to ensure no one is left behind.


Protecting the environment and producing clean energy is much more than a mantra at RoyalTrail; it is our way of life. We ensure that our operations are environmentally responsible. We carryout programmes designed to promote green environment with core sustainability as our base strategy.


At ROYALTRAIL time and space has both taught and proven to us that ‘Teamwork makes the vision work and our goals achieved with much less effort’. With the believe that we are as fast as our slowest leg; we have ensured to build a culture where regular teamwork and collaboration training exercises are carried out so that everyone participates in teaching, learning and working together no matter the skillset. So, we are committed to working effectively collaboratively in order to deliver top notch results.


We perform at all times in a manner that makes us accountable to both internal and external stakeholders. We take responsibility for our actions. We are RESPONSIBLE.


We believe that cutting edge innovative technology and knowhow is the way to the top that is why we have created an environment whereby we encourage ingenuity while pursuing excellence in our work and principles.