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Asset integrity management services from RSSL – ensure the technical integrity of your Oil and Gas Refinery equipment company and meet all regulatory requirements.!


RoyalTrail Scientific Solution Limited (RSSL) is a trusted provider for technical verification, inspection and testing Services related to oil and Gas machinery and equipment solution. (RSSL) Is a limited liability company incorporated in Nigeria. A Specialist in industrial and oil field corrosion control prevention, steel structure design and fabrication, which include blasting, painting inspection and testing. RSSL is fully equipped and challenging engineering work, executing project and providing maintenance in oil and gas services within scheduled time frame.
(RSSL) offers a comprehensive project management system that handles all level of new construction and maintenance. Perfection and innovation have always been the way of life of the management line of RoyalTrail....

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RSSL cover full assessment of pressure vessel and regenerator columns in both in-services and out of service vessel/ columns inspection using API standard (510) for fitness of pressure vessel assessmentWhich consist of detailed inspection of the following: • Vessel internal components assessment • Vessel shell assessment • Vessel bottom assessment • Vessel coatings assessment • Vessel mechanical parts (Pipings and valves) assessment • Vessel foundation assessment • Vessel shell and bottom repair and refurbishment • Vessel Pipings reconstruction .


Our expertise in this area is second to none as we monitor both internal and external corrosion in structures. Monitoring corrosion characteristics of a proposed or existing structure can lead to the proper selection of longer life materials, durable and protective coatings, and corrosion control measure through cathodic protection or water treatment. Lasting integrity of a structure or its components depend entirely upon an accurate assessment of the conditions affecting its corrosion and rate of decay.


The insulation and cladding of pipe work for high temperature Processes are vital for the protection of personnel. RSSL on –site services includes installing insulation and cladding using skilled tradesman. All work is carried out according to stringent insulation and cladding standards to meet the client’s specifications and satisfaction. Quality and safety strictly adhered to at all stages of the operation.


Royaltrail Scientific solutions Limited is a known entity when it comes to construction and installation new and existing pipeline. Royaltrail Scientific solutions Limited trail blazing commitment leads to successful land, swamp and onshore pipeline construction and installation projects in these difficult terrains.


Our Offerings range from construction of new asphaltic and surface-dressed roads, Expansion and rehabilitation of existing roads, Infrastructure projects and airport runways to dredging of Canals, Bridge construction as well as Civil construction. Even though the logistics and execution of such transportation and infrastructure projects is sometimes complex, our experience has ensured that all have been successfully completed to specification and in line with the Company’s sense of responsibility towards preservation. .


Royaltrail Scientific solutions Limited Geomatics engineering field activity integrates acquisition, processing, analysis, display and management of spatial information by collecting, monitoring, archiving, and maintaining diverse spatial data infrastructures. RSSL Geomatics engineers utilize a wide range of technologically advanced tools such as digital theodolite/distance meter total stations, Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment, digital aerial imagery (air-borne), and computer-based geographic information systems (GIS).


Technology in surface protection systems changes regularly. Developing an Understanding and gaining experience in the installation of High performance coatings and linings is vital in maximizing the life of assets and providing the correct solutions to asset owners. Over time Royaltrail Scientific solutions Limited has installed a variety of the latest highly performance coatings and linings that offer value to the asset owner.


Steel structures require protection, especially in aggressive process plant environments where acids, saline solutions and other highly corrosive chemicals are used. Royaltrail Scientific solutions Limited employs highly trained Coatings inspectors who have expertise in surface preparation and protective coatings Techniques and requirements. Protective coatings systems are designed fit for purpose.


RSSL cover full assessment of aboveground storage tanks in both in-services and out of service tank inspection using API standard (653) for fitness of storage tank assessment. Which consist of detailed inspection of the following: •Tank roof assessment • Tank shell assessment •Tank bottom assessment •Tank mechanical parts (Pipings and valves) assessment •Tank Cathodic protection assessment •Tank foundation assessment. our close supervision on clients design and details and our authorized inspectors.


Mandatory inspection of flow stations (statutory inspection of pressure vessels and regenerator columns) Facilities painting/ coating / insulation to international standards Mechanical works such as fabrications and minor piping NDT services Maintenance Execution of timely/ routine maintenance schedule We run up to date preventive maintenance program, monitor failure forecast Facility Shut-down maintenance program Manual and advanced test, measurement and prediction operations



Our Operations

Construction and fabrication service, Onshore/Offshore pipeline /storage maintenance service: Insulation, oil internal corrosion monitoring, cathodic protection, corrosion prevention and control services. Calibration services of petroleum storage:Geometrics: geotechnical and geophysical survey, engineering survey, engineering survey and mapping services.

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Our mission is to provide high quality equipment and tools so as to be a leader in providing competitive and qualitative services in delivering of best in class & cost effective solutions to our clients on *Asset & Facility *Engineering *Constrution *Goematics *Maintenance *Integrity Management *Revamping *Upgrading & Consultancy *Oil & Gas Pipeline Refinery Services, operation through customer contact and excellent relationships while adding value to our community by maintaining.

Our Vision

To be a world-class leading company in finding solution and excellent delivering in managing of oil and gas equipments and a first-class value to the exploration and production on oil inspection.

Core Value

To be a world-class leading company in finding solution and excellent delivering in managing of oil and gas equipments and a first-class value to the exploration and production on oil inspection.

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